Who are we?

COLORICIO SRL is specialized in logistic services since 2013. We work in several sectors such as salt, metal, and transport. We supply various types of salt including de-icing salt, salt tablets, and industrial salt, edible salt, and pharmaceutical salt destined for different applications. We carry out strict controls to ensure the quality of our products and are proud to be certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and we acquired the title of TRUSTWORTHY COMPANY in 2020. We provide customized services and logistics to meet your needs.

Over the years, we became a global leading salt supplier. We also offer a wide range of metal products such as pipes, tubes, rods, and bars in any type of ferrous or non-ferrous metals including steel and aluminum. They are supplied in all shapes (round, flat, square, or hexagonal) and dimensions. Moreover, we are experts in transport logistics. By air, sea, or road, we deliver goods all around the world and help you with their storage according to your requirements.

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